Pain management practices, and various other medical specialties that
perform medication monitoring and adherence (compliance) 

can now perform definitive “quantitative”  drug testing within their
own facility. Setting up and operating a POL is not a simple undertaking though, and requires technical expertise, an investment in staff, equipment and compliance.

Catalyst Lab Solutions is a team of laboratory and healthcare
professionals that provides the highest levels of customized in-office
lab services. CLS allows pain management physicians [group practice]
the opportunity to have their own in-house Physician Office
Laboratory (POL) allowing for precise quantitative monitoring with the
highest levels of control and compliance. In-house physician laboratory
testing can personalize care and improve profitability based upon
current reimbursement by insurance companies, workers
compensation and Medicare. 

Let CLS provide the resourses and expertise your practice needs ​to operate your POL successfully. 

For further information and a detailed proposal, please contact a CLS representative.

Personalizing Care - Improving Profitability